John Richard Deacon is a well-known retired bassist of the rock band Queen, and he was a key member of the band. He was the best bass player and a gifted musician, and everyone greatly admired him. He was not just a musician; songs composed by him were maximum hits of the Queen. Even the modern youth loves his songs and his personality. Although the other band members were strong and extremely aggressive, John Deacon was the 'silent person,' which was needed in the band. Stay with us to know about John Deacon Wife and his relationship with his wife. 

John Deacon is known for his songs 'You are my best friend,' ' Spread your wings and many more songs. He got a global name from his music written for his wife, which many people loved. Please read the below paragraphs to know more about his life and relationship.

Know More about the life of : Veronica Tetzlaff

John Deacon Wife

Who is John Deacon Wife?

John Deacon wife is a beautiful person named Veronica Tetzlaff. She is a simple and honest person who is not affected by the tackiness of the fame business, even though she is John Deacon's wife. When John created a beautiful song by Queen band for his wife Veronica Tetzlaff, it became a worldwide sensation and one of the most popular songs ever sold. She chooses to dress ordinarily and prefers to go without makeup because she doesn't show a fake personality for the stardom of being John Deacon Wife. 

John Deacon Wife

When she was young, she wanted to become a nurse and help others, so she joined Maria Assumpta Teacher Training College in Kensington to fulfill her ambition. Veronica Tetzlaff met John Deacon in Kensington for the first time while she was pursuing the training.

Relationship of Veronica Tetzlaff with her husband

The first interaction was beautiful and memorable between Veronica Tetzlaff and John Deacon. They both fell in love right away after their first meeting, and after some time, they started their relationship. They first meet at the veronica training camps at Kensington and begin dating each other. She loved john who is known as the bass hero of his band member.

John Deacon Wife

After dating for four years, the couple decided to swap wedding rings and make their love official. With the participation of the couple's families, friends, and loved ones, the wedding was on January 18th, 1975 Carmelite Church. Now, they are parents of six children living together. Initially, they decided to take divorce, but for the children's sake, they stayed together; now, the relationship between them is great.

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