Kevin Wenstob is an American logger who runs a timber business. He has been involved in this business from the early days. Wenstob would have never thought by being a logger, and he would ever get famous. But here he is. In our today's topic, we shall look at Kevin Wenstob Net Worth and Assets. Further, we will examine how much working in the forestry sector can earn you.

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To be sure, the Timber business is a tedious job and exceedingly dangerous for those who labor in the mountain's harsh circumstances. Cutting down the big monstrous trees and transporting them can be pretty hideous under bad environmental conditions. As a result, many people have been pondering how profitable a business is and are curious about employees' pay.

Kevin Wenstob Net Worth

What is Kevin Wenstob Net Worth? 

But this is the world we live in today. If you got the skills and placement but want ot grow, social media can do the job for you. Similarly, more recently, Kevin Wenstob, a regular timber businessman from British Columbia, became famous overnight.

As a result, the Canadian History channel bought the right to broadcast a tv reality show, Big Timber, in 2019. It is basically a reality business show that follows the day-to-day activity of Wenstob Timber Resources

Kevin Wenstob Net Worth

Wenstob Timber is a private corporation located in Sooke that operates a sawmill. It is owned by Kevin Wenstob, who runs it as a family business along with his wife Sarah Fleming and son Erik Wenstob. The company produces bespoke timbers, lumber, and other related products. 

But sadly, there is no reliable information available on Wenstob finances. Thus, we find it very difficult to pinpoint his net worth exactly. But as statistics suggest, a logging business, on average, makes $73,000 per annum. So we guess Kevin's earnings are also in this range.

Kevin Wenstob Net Worth

What are his earnings from Big Timber?

Netflix bought the right from The Canadian History channel to stream Big Timber in 2020 on Vancouver Island. And thus, Kevin Wenstob and his crew have got a lot of attention since then. In the show, Sarah is the head of the mill, and Erik is the head mechanic, followed by other crew members holding their respective job roles.

However, the specifics surrounding the salary of Big Timber's crew members are not out yet as the show is very fresh. But you can find out the average earnings and salary of a local logger on As per the site, a logger can earn roughly around $50K - $90K a year in Canada. Likewise, depending upon the job and position, it can vary between $56,000 to $84,000 a year. So that's a fairly solid monetary takeout.

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