It is no doubt Kristina Tholstrup net worth is unquestionably enormous, amounting to millions of dollars. However, Kristina Tholstrup first tasted the fame of a celebrity when she met the popular actor Roger Moore. Roger was a legendary and iconic British actor hugely popular as the then James Bond. He nailed the character performance in seven feature movies from 1973 to 1985. 

Roger Moore passed away in May 2017 as a victim of prostate cancer. Furthermore, he was married four times during his life, with Kristina Tholstrup being her final wife before his death. The couple were married in 2002 and has lived together till his death. However, today's topic will exhibit the financial report of Kristina Tholstrup, her salary and earnings, and a brief overview of her Assets.

Kristina Tholstrup

Kristina Tholstrup was born and raised in Sweden to a Danish couple. However, She has not revealed the identity of her parents along with her family background. Hence we have a very small bit of info regarding her early life. Born in 1941, Kristina is in her eighties now.

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As per reports, she started her career as a flight attendant before moving on to acting and starring in a few TV episodes, Broadway, and documentaries. She has appeared in Vivement Dimanche, Frederik & Mary, A Princess for Christmas, etc.

What is Kristina Tholstrup Net Worth?

Reflecting on her financial figure, Kristina Tholstrup has an estimated net worth of $60 million in mid-2022. Kristina Tholstrup was already rich before her marriage to Moore. She was more well-known for marrying two Swedish millionaires, both of whom died and left her large inherited wealth.

Kristina Tholstrup

Furthermore, Hans Christian Knudsen, her first husband, committed suicide, while her second one, Ole Tholstrup, passed away in 1990, leaving her tremendous wealth and assets in France and England. Similarly, The Saint star Roger Moore is her third husband. 

Who was Roger Moore?

Kristina Tholstrup is most famous and known as Roger Moore Wife. The Danish-Swedish millionaire Tholstrup, after the death of her second husband, came close to Roger through a friend. They wasted no time and got married soon after. Moore had three children from her four marriages, but none with Kristina.

Kristina Tholstrup

All of the three children were with Luisa Mattioli, his third spouse. Roger married Doorn Van Steyn in 1946 (divorced 1953) and a Welsh singer Dorothy Squires in 1953 (divorced 1968) before Luisa. 

What is Roger Moore net worth?

Roger Moore was one of the most established actors ever to be a part of English cinema. He has starred in uncountable movies and television shows throughout her career from 1945 to 2016. And he was able to accumulate an enormous fortune from his acting profession. Roger was estimated to have a net worth of $110 million at his demise.

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