Laura Bracalenti in an interview

Laura Bracalenti is famous as the spouse of Marcelo Bielsa, an Argentine soccer manager and a former head coach of Leeds United. He was sacked by the premier league club, citing consecutive poor results in February this year. Laura and Marcelo tied the knot in 1990. Today, we will discover Laura Bracalenti age and rove into her early life.

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What is Laura Bracalenti age?

Laura Bracalenti has lived a fairly normal life. She has never sought media attention and has not shared any details regarding her early life and family. Thus, we cannot pinpoint her birthday and the place she was born. Besides, her motherland is Argentina, and she is from a Latin ethnic group. We have no grip on her birthdate, zodiac sign, and birthplace.

Laura Bracalenti Age

Due to her iconic nature, not much about her info, including her age, is out there. However, looking over her husband Marcelo's age (66 years), there should not be much of a difference. Hence, Laura is highly likely to be in his sixties. Furthermore, we also lack finding source material that includes information about her family and her early life. There is no data for her educational background either. However, it is under review. 

Laura Bracalenti Age

When did Laura become Laura Bracalenti Bielsa?

Laura was married to Marcelo Bielsa in 1990, a year after they were blessed with their first child. Although there is no recorded dating history between these two, we can picture their love was very high up in the air. And still today, after more than 30 years of marriage, their love and affection towards one another have not faded but have grown stronger. 

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Ines Bielsa, their first-born daughter, came to Earth in 1989. She is an ice hockey player. Similarly, their second child Mercedes Bielsa was born a year after their marriage. Mercedes is a talented art director and producer. From 1989 to 1991, those three years were glorious for the Bielsa couple. 

Laura Bracalenti Age

What is Laura Bracalenti profession?

Laura Bracalenti, unlike her life partner, is from a technical background. She is an architect and a professor currently working at the University of Rosario as a senior head of the practical department. Similarly, Laura is also an active member of a technical support team at the Urban Agriculture Programme.

Laura has accumulated a cumulative net worth of nearly $1 million from her profession. While her husband Marcelo Bielsa, a high calibered professional football coach, has a net worth of $25 million. Bielsa is among the world's greatest manager's list, thanks to his tactical fluidity and attacking football.

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