Luke Macfarlane is a big-time Canadian American actor and a former singer, by the way. Yes, he was the main vocalist and musician for the band Fellow Nameless. But his music career did not go well as he thought it would. But do you have any idea about Luke Macfarlane Education? Learn in the following paragraphs.

Know More about the life of : Luke Macfarlane

Luke Macfarlane, born on January 19, 1980, in London, Ontario, Canada, is of Canadian origin. He later moved to New York to pursue his career in the entertainment industry and eventually earned American nationality too. The guy is famous for starring in several Christmas Hallmark movies in romantic lead roles. Moreover, Luke played the role of Scotty Wandell in the ABC drama series Brothers & Sisters. 

Luke Macfarlane Education

What are Luke Macfarlane Education Qualifications?

Born and raised in Canadian London by his parents, who were both highly educated professionals working in the medical field, Luke Macfarlane is sure shot to get a quality and high-level education, which he did get.

His father, Thomas Macfarlane, served as a managing director at the  University of Western Ontario in the Student Health Services department, while her mother, Penny, is working as a  psychiatric nurse at the London Hospital.

Luke Macfarlane Education

They might have wanted to see their children grow, get a better education, grab a degree and carry on with education, but Luke had a different thing going on in his head regarding what to do with his life and career.

However, he did go to college. Macfarlane went to London Central Secondary School, located in his hometown, with her twin sister Ruth and her older sister Rebecca. Macfarlane graduated from the Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts before moving to New York City, where he joined the Juilliard School of acting to study drama.

Luke Macfarlane Education

Is Luke Macfarlane Gay?

On April 15, 2008, 28-year-old Luke Macfarlane opened up about his sexuality during an interview with The Globe and Mail. Talking about the experience and excitement of playing in the television series Brothers & Sisters, the Canadian star said, "From standing outside perspective, and also as someone who is gay, I think that it's a very exciting time. How exciting that we're saying, 'This can be part of the cultural fabric, now."

Macfarlane, who previously has retained his personal life and never intended to share it with the media or the public, comes out very frank and full of confidence as a gay man. He also showed a bit of fear and uncertainty regarding his career and prospects after his big reveal, but it did not let him reveal the truth to the world.

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