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Lindsay Brunnock is happily married to Kenneth Branagh. Kenneth is a British actor and director known for acting and directing many movie adaptions of William Shakespeare plays. Some of which are Hamlet, Othello, Henry V, and many more. For his outstanding works, he was given the Knighthood in early November 2012.

As for Lindsay, besides supporting her man, she is an exceptional director who has worked on movies which include Born Romantic, This Year's Love, Shackleton, and many more.

Lindsay Brunnock

How is Lindsay Brunnock's married life with Kenneth Branagh?

Now talking about Lindsay Brunnock's love life, Lindsay Brunnock is enjoying a fine, married life. She walked down the aisle with her long-time boyfriend, Kenneth Branagh as husband and wife on 24 May 2003.

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Their marriage took place in a low-key affair. Lindsay Brunnock wedding is going strong for nearly 20 years. Yet, the love and affection that are shared between them are only growing stronger with time.

Lindsay Brunnock

How did Lindsay meet Kenneth Branagh?

As for the blessed pair dating story, they first met in the year 1997 on the set of Shackleton. They fell in love at first sight after which, they frequently began to see each other more often before taking their relationship to the next level and finally tied their wedding knot in 2003. Before being in a relationship and getting married to Lindsay, Kenneth Branagh was previously in a relationship with her ex-girlfriend Helena Bonham Carter.

Lindsay Brunnock

Do Lindsay Brunnock and Kenneth Branagh have children?

The talented and highly skilled British director Lindsay Brunnock does not have any kids of their own as of now. Moreover, the couple also stated that they do not plan to bring up children. It seems both Lindsay and Kenneth are busy with their respective careers and don't have time for their family.

Nonetheless, they are living a dream life and enjoying life to the fullest. Also, they are the owner of two dogs which brings joy to the lovebirds.

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