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Madonna Daughter is one lucky child to have a woman like her be their mother. Madonna is the proud mother of six children. She has a daughter, Lourdes Leon, with her ex-spouse, Carlos Leon, and a son, Rocco Ritchie, with her other husband, Guy Richie, a renowned movie maker.

Apart from her two biological kids, she has also adopted four more children in her family. She was adopted from the nation of Malawi on three separate occasions and welcomed David into her life in 2006 and 2007. She brought another kid, Mercy, into her home. Finally, in 2017, she adopted twin daughters, Stelle Ciccone and Estere Ciccone


Who are Madonna six children? 

As mentioned above, Madonna has six children who complete her life. In addition, she has a son and daughter from her previous husband. Her adopted daughter's names are Mercy, Stelle, and Madonna Estere Ciccone. 

Even though Madonna is a great mother and provides them with all love and comfort that a mother can give to her kids, however, she has from time to time has suffered tons of backlash for adopting her kids. When she first adopted David, she was even vocal about the criticism she went through in those times.

Madonna reported on the interview with the famed People magazine that Every newspaper I Kidnapped Him. She further said that; In my mind, I was thinking, Wait a minute. Im trying to save somebody's life. The famous global icon has undergone several complex procedures and processes while adopting her kids. 


Why did Madonna relationship with her dear children go sour?

In an interview given to the Vogue, Maddona reported that providing her kids with expensive cell and mobiles was what distance and weakened her relationship with her kids.

Moreover, she has not let her adopted son, David, have a phone. She sees herself in that of David. Meanwhile, she blames social media platforms for dampening and hampering her oldest daughter, Lourdes.

Where are Madonna kids now?

The family of Madonna seems to be happy and going pretty well and seems to be on the same page. Madonna's oldest kid, Lola, is an accomplished model on the cover of the prestigious Vogue.

As per Popcrush, Rocco Ritchie lives with his father, and Rocco's age is 21. Moving on, David and Mercy have inherited the Madonna genre and drive for music. On the other hand, Mercy is a  skilled pianist by his right.

What is the adoption procedure of Estere and Stelle Ciccone for Madonna?

Like many top-class Hollywood and top musicians, Madonna has adopted numerous kids. Madonna is also well known for embracing the twins Estere and Stelle Ciccone. After the legal adoption process was over and when she gained the legal custodian of the twins, she expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the beautiful people of Malawi.

After completing all the necessary formalities, she took the twins to New York. As of now, the twins are happy a happy and lavish lifestyle with their adopted mother. 


How is Madonna relationship with her adopted daughters?

Madonna adores her two lovely girls and loves to spend quality time with them. Also, Estere Ciccone and her beautiful twin sister, Stelle Ciccone, love their adoptive mother, Madonna, from deep into their hearts. In 2018, Madonna posted a cute photo of her and her lovely twin children spending their precious time in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Madonna took great care of their everyday wishes. She also loves to celebrate their birthdays. In one instance, she organized a grand birthday event in Jamaica to celebrate the 8th birthday celebration of her twin daughters. In the video, you can see Madonna having a great time with her beloved twin daughters. 

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