You'd recognize the cute-looking boy who played the role of Noah Flynn in the Netflix romantic drama movie The Kissing Booth. Through her incredible performance in the movie, the 12 years old child actor gained popularity by winning people's hearts. But the boy is soon becoming a man as he enters the teenage phase. And undoubtedly, his body will change fast. So today, we will witness how the actor has adapted to this natural phenomenon. Foremost, We will discuss Michael Miccoli Height weight and then, followed by his body measurement.

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Since The Kissing Booth was released in 2018, we can distinctly see how there is a change in his body attributes coming to his look in The Kissing Booth 3. He is now entering a teenager, so there will be drastic alteration in his manhood in these few years. His height will increase, his kid's body will transform into a young guy's body, his voice will turn bold, and more.

Michael Miccoli

Michael Miccoli was born on the 15th of March 2010 in Los Angeles, California, the USA. He turned 12 on March 15 this year. As a US-born, Michael holds American nationality and his religious belief is Christianity. He has not divulged any of his family details to the media yet. He grew interested in music, acting, and dancing when he was just a child. THus his parents enrolled him in acting school and assigned excellent tutors to teach him the fundamentals.

How tall is Michael Miccoli? What is Michael Miccoli Height?

The 12-yeard-old rising star currently stands at 4 feet 4 inches (132 cm) and increasing rapidly. When Michael was the first cast in The Kissing Booth in 2017, Michael Miccoli was just eight years old and had a height of 4 feet and 2 inches (1.27 m tall). The 2-inch growth in his height is not much, but it will increase exponentially once he reaches his teenage era. 

Michael Miccoli

What is Michael Miccoli Weight?

Michael's talented young kid has a body mass of 30 kilograms (66 lbs). That is again 3 kg more than when he appeared in the first installment of The Kissing Booth. He was 27 kg at that time. Likewise, his young body measures 29-24-29 inches.

Michael Miccoli

Moreover, Michael owns a pair of shiny blueish eyes, and his hair is dark brown. Besides, he has garnered a net worth of around $100K at such a small age. And with his growing age, we wish to see more of his diversified role and skills in the coming days.

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