If you watch the Discover television reality-based tv show Homestead Rescue then you're definitely familiar with the name Misty Raney. The show is led by Misty's father Marty Raney, who has been in this family business for quite a while now. In today's article, we will debunk Misty Raney Age and her real birthday. In addition, we will also have a glance at her family background and the homestead family business. 

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As the urban saying goes, like father like daughter, Misty has also been following his father's foot trail, including the guts and fortitude to survive in the wilderness. She is a farmer, carpenter, and homestead builder who enjoys the creative process of construction.. Furthermore, Misty likes making things from tiny materials as much as she enjoys wielding a hammer.

Misty Raney

What is Misty Raney Age? How old is Misty Raney?

Misty Raney came into existence on November 9th, 1979. Hence she celebrates her birthday every year on November 9th. Now talking about her age, Misty is 42 years old now. She was born and brought up in Sitka, Alaska, by her father, Marty Raney, a homestead expert. Similarly, her racial identity is Caucasian, and she is of American nationality. Meanwhile, her birth sign is Scorpio, and Misty adheres to the Christian faith.

Misty lived most of her childhood in Alaska. Misty enjoyed art and crafts as a child and was interested in carpets. She looked up to her father and brothers and frequently followed them around. As a result, Misty became someone to construct practically anything needed for a homestead.

Misty Raney

How many people are in her family?

Moving toward her family, Misty is the third child of The Raneys. Her father, Marty Raney, and her mother, Mollee Raney, were involved in the homestead business. The family gained widespread popularity after Discovery television brought the right to telecast their business by making it a show. Other members of the family and the show include two brothers and a sister of Misty. 

Misty and her younger brother Matt Raney continue the family tradition of craftsmanship. While nothing is known about her older brother Miles Raney, her older sister Melanee operates a summer rafting and canoe adventure business. Her siblings aren't really featured on the show. However, none of her siblings' age has been revealed yet. 

Misty Raney

Is Misty Raney married?

The 42-year-old tv personality Misty Raney was married to Maciah Bilodeau. The couple has been in a marital relationship since 2000 and has already celebrated their 20th marriage anniversary. They are currently living in Hawaii with their son Gauge Raney. He was born on April 11, 2011, and is currently 11 years old. 

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