Naomi Yomtov is a well-known American native producer. In addition, she is a successful entrepreneur. The fact that she is married to veteran Hollywood actor Bob Odenkirk has contributed significantly to her fame.

Fans are familiar with the actor Bob Odenkirk and his work, but only a minority can recall his wife, Naomi Yomtov. This woman sprang to prominence with the premiere of her first work as a producer in 2007, a television show titled "Derek and Simon: The Show." This article will give you insight into Naomi Yomtov biography. In addition, you will learn how Naomi and Bob first became acquainted with one another.

Naomi Yomtov Jewish

Is Naomi Yomtov Jewish?

The Breaking actor Bob Odenkirk has shared surprisingly little information about his wife, Naomi Yomtov. On the other hand, there is a persistent buzz that can be found on the internet suggesting that her spouse Naomi could be of Jewish ethnicity.

Her ancestry may be traced back to more than one place. She has both German and Irish ancestry, just like Bob. Religiously speaking, Naomi is a Christian, and she is a citizen of the United States. 

Naomi Yomtov Jewish

Bob's remark regarding his Breaking Bad character Saul Goodman sparked the Jewish predicament, which began when he commented. He suggested that a Jewish actor would be a better choice to perform the part rather than him. In addition, he made a joke that he is "probably about as Jewish as Saul Goodman is."

Odenkirk was brought up in the nearby town of Naperville after being born in the nearby city of Berwyn. His father, Walter Henry Odenkirk, worked in the printing industry, and his mother, Barbara Mary Odenkirk, is of German and Irish origin. They are a Catholic family.

Is Naomi Yomtov Still Married to Bob Odenkirk?

Actor Bob Odenkirk and his wife, producer Naomi Yomtov are still married. The pair are blessed with two children and seem quite content with their lives. When Bob and Naomi first made eye contact with one another, it was in 1994, during a humor concert in West Hollywood. After that, they discover that they have feelings for one another and fall in love. 

Naomi Yomtov Jewish

Naomi said that she is not the sort of person he is interested in dating. She was taken aback by Bob's proposal, which he made in such a unique way. 1997 was the year when both parties exchanged their vows of marriage to one another. This year they celebrate a silver jubilee as their marriage approaches their 25th wedding anniversary and are still going strong after all these years of marriage. 

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