Nia Towle is a promising British actress who earned her stardom through Netflix drama film Persuasion. It premiered on the streaming platform on July 15, 2022. Because of Towle's incredible performance as Louisa Musgrove in the movie, people on the internet are interested in Nia Towle age and her other credits.

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Nia has appeared in several movies, including Persuasion, Rocketman, and Late. She received significant accolades from critics for the short film Late, in which she was shown in charge of Maya's packing job. Towle has established a solid reputation in such a short time. Every admirer has been wowed by their acting. She has gained an excess of followers thanks to her excellent acting and performing abilities.

Nia Towle Age

What Is Nia Towle Age in 2022?

The young actress from the United Kingdom is coy about her age. She has recently been in the social media spotlight; thus, not much information regarding her personal and private life has come to the surface. However, based on her looks and appearances, she would be between her mid-20s and early 30s. On the other hand, the London-grown artist's birthday is still a mystery as the internet has no results when you search for it. Besides, Towle has a background that is mixed in ethnicity and is a British national. 

Nia Towle Age

Moreover, the names and specific biographies of his parents, brother, and sister remain unaltered. Nia's desire to pursue painting dates back to her early years and is well documented. The model resides in London. From a very young age, she excelled as an artist and a vocalist.

How Nia Towle Acting Career Began in 2019!

The 5 feet and 4 inches tall fresh actress began her journey in acting in a 2019 short film, They Found Her in a Field, where he landed the role of Sophia. Moving in Towle would appear in a variety of films and TV series. Late, Rocketman, and Persuasion are three movies in which she appeared.

In the future, a young, talented actress from London, Nia Towle, will undoubtedly have plenty of projects at her door. She portrayed the character of Maya admirably in the short film Late. Towle is a talented soprano and alto vocalist and a top-notch model and actress who plays the piano. 

Nia Towle Age

Nia has previous experience stepping in as a theater artisan with the Southwark Playhouse Young Company and the National Youth Theater. She excels in dancing, especially in genres like onstage combat, ballerina, contemporary dance, and many others. She frequently appears in advertisements for different projects as a model. Even if she isn't active on Instagram, her pictures are still being distributed to the media by her respective modeling agency.

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