Nikki Monninger is a talented musician best known as the main bass player and secondary vocalist for Silversun Pickups. The 47 years old musician has been married for almost twenty years now. However, Nikki never thought of sacrificing their private life by revealing his husband's identity all those years. Thus, to date, we have no idea who Nikki Monninger husband is. 

We can say Nikki has been very secretive regarding her private life. But nothing is wrong with that, she wants to have a normal life for her family, and we have to adore that. Hence, in the following article, we will try to go a little bit closer to her personal life and her relationship. 

Nikki Monninger

Who is Nikki Monninger?

Nikki Monninger is one of the band members of Silversun Pickups. Born on June 25, 1974, Nikki is the lead bassist and vocalist of the band. She will be celebrating her 48th birthday in the coming June. Nikki has not been open up about her private life and seems to live an "off the grid" life. 

Nikki is a native of Los Alamito, United States of America, but her ethnic background and religious position are unknown. In addition, the musician has not revelaed her parent's identity and details regarding her family members.

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However, it is easy to articulate that she was very fond of art and music from her childhood from her incredible musical journey. Even from the very early days of her life, Nikki began practicing various musical instruments. 

Nikki Monninger

Who is Nikki Monninger Ex-lover?

Nikki was very active during her college days too. She did not miss any of her school's or college's musical or singing activities. Besides, Nikki met Brian Aubert, one of her band members, during a musical event in Cambridge in 1995. They later formed a band with the help of other members. But there was a period when Nikki was said to be dating Brian. However, they have never confirmed that this is true.

Who is Nikki Monninger Husband?

Nikki Monninger has been married for a long time. However, due to her reclusive personality, Nikki never spoke about her husband's identity on the media. As a result, we are yet unfamiliar with their relationship. Apart from that, we can see Nikki and her husband enjoying a lovely time going out and touring on her social media accounts. They are living a lavishly happy wedding life without any disputes. 

Nikki Monninger

Do they have kids?

Monninger is a mother of two daughters. The 5 feet 9 inches tall bassist had a twin daugther a few years back with her husband. The duo is very cherished and blessed to have twins. The devoted wife and caring husband are the perfect combination for a happy married life which Nikki and her husband embody.

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