Savannah Steyn, a young British actress, explodes the internet after her brief appearance in episode 5 of House of the Dragon. Because of her stunning and gorgeous attire, many of the series fans are immediately attracted to her. Thus, the search for the actress who plays teenage Laena Velaryon is trending on google. Netizens are, in fact, curious about Savannah Steyn Age.

Her portrayal of teen Laena Velaryon on the show was just for an episode, as episode six will mark the 10-year time jump from episode five. Swedish stage actress Nanna Blondell will take on her role as adult Laena onward and continue till the end of the season. Prior to Steyn, the character first appeared in episode two of the series, played by child actress Nova Fouellis-Mosé.      

Savannah Steyn Age

What Is Savannah Steyn Age?

The British emerging actress Savannah Steyn was born in 2000, and her present age is 22. The South African descent Styen's birthplace is in South England, where her parents raised her. His father passed away while he was a little child, and his mother served as a field marshal. But the truth is that we don't know much about either parent. His mother's and father's identities remain unknown at this time. 

Savannah Steyn Age

Before enrolling in the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, Savannah Steyn originally began her acting studies at the BRIT School. Moreover, it has been reported that she also took other professional acting lessons from an undisclosed institute. Because of her secretive nature, we find it difficult to trace more details as Steyn has nearly spoken about her early life and her family background. It is also uncertain whether the 22-year-old actress has any siblings.

How does Savannah Celebrate Her Birthday?

Actress Savannah Steyn from England, 22 years old. Savannah celebrates her birthday in the circle of her friend and family. Apart from this, she has portrayed the role of a teenage Laena in the Game of Thrones prequel. In the sixth episode of House of the Dragon, where she made her debut, she made her only appearance. She was probably 18 in that episode.

Savannah Steyn Age

When she appeared in the second episode, her predecessor, child actress Nova Fouellis-Mosé, was 12 years of age. She was offered to King Viscerys to be his wife and Queen of the realm. But Visceys, played by Paddy Considine, denied marrying her and instead wed Alicent Hightower.

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Episode six premiered on September 26, saw a 10-team time leap from its previous episode, and again few main characters have been changed. Laena's elder self will be portrayed by Nanna Blondell, aged 36, in House of the Dragon. The Swedish actress has a long list of roles in both cinema and television, including those in Marvel's Black Widow and Red Dot.

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