Shanti Carson is a California-based American actress and producer known for her work in the movies like Shortbus (2006) and shot movies like Pink & Tender (2007). Her role as Leah in the 2006 explicit film Shortbus was her debut. She was young back then. But do you know Shanti Carson Age in 2022? Hop right in if you want to know her age and early life.

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Over the ensuing decades, a large number of actors and actresses entered Hollywood and later rose to stature all over the world. Similar to this, a few people who had good moments became famous instantly but could never reciprocate to their previous height. Shanti Carson is one of those inconsistent actresses who stumble hard to live onto her success.

Shanti Carson Age

Shanti Carson Age: When does she celebrate her birthday?

The Shortbus star has rarely come forward on media, only on a few occasions to talk about her personal life and whereabouts. Thus, the internet still lacks attributes about what is going on in her private life.

However, some web pages have addressed her current age must fall between 35 and 40 years as she was born in the mid-eighties. But unfortunately, we are not aware of when the talented actress celebrates her birthday.

The actress appeared in an intimate scene in the 2006 film Shortbus. She was undoubtedly older than 18 when the 2005 filming got underway. Her birth year must not be later than 1986 for her to be not considered minor for the 2005 nudist filming.

Shanti Carson Age

Besides, Carson does not have her Wikipedia page, nor is she available on any social media platforms. As a result, there has been some difficulty locating her information. 

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How was Shanti Carson Early Life?

Shanti was born to a mother and father who were both citizens of the United States. She spent her early years in her birthplace, somewhere in the US, with her friends and family, making memories there. Despite being American, the woman is also of mixed heritage.

Smart Shanti Carson holds a Bachelor's degree of Arts (BA) in Drama. However, we could not find any documentation of the names of the university she enrolled in. After triumphing in her early ventures, she rose to fame as an actor, filmmaker, and model.

Shanti Carson Age

Additionally, she played vital roles that delighted the viewers, such as Tender and Haily in The Lower Angels and Vera in Pink, solidifying her as a potential actress for the year to come. However, things didn't completely work out, and she is now not receiving any Hollywood offers. Although her brief career in show business had its peaks, she was unable to endure them for long.

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