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The legendary actor Sidney Poitier wife Joanna Shimkus has enjoyed a beautiful married life close to five years. Here in the given paragraphs, we will be looking at Sidney Poiter's present relationships and past affairs.

Nonetheless, the excellent acting sensation Sidney Poiter came into the limelight after his outstanding role in the movie Blackboard Jungle in 1955. Then, in 1964, he created history by becoming the first Afro-American male and person from Bahamia to bag the Academy Award.

When did Sidney marry Joanna Shimkus?

Sidney Poiter married his second wife, Joanna Shimkus, in January of 1976. The duo is also blessed with two equally talented daughters. Their names are Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Anika Poitier. Their daughter Anika is a professional actress and director. Similarly, their other daughter, Sydney, is an actress who is well known for her roles in Blues, Abby, and True Crimes.

Sidney Poitier

Both Sidney and Joanna have had an excellent married life for nearly 50 years. In all these years, the duo has not had any extramarital affairs outside their marriage. 

Who is Sidney Poitier's first wife? 

Sidney Poitier had his fair share of married stories to tell. But, first, he married his first spouse, Juanita Hardyon 29 April 1950. After enjoying a delicate marital relationship for nearly 15, they finally parted ways and officially divorced in 1965.

Sidney Poitier

From their wedlock, the ex-pair was also blessed with four daughters: Beverly, Pamela, Sherri, and Gina. While together, they raised their family of 6 in Stuyvesant, New York.

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Sidney Poiter Affair with Diahann Carroll

In the year 1959, Sidney Poiter and Diahann Carroll began a nine-long year of affair. At the time Poiter was married. In her autobiography, Carroll said Poitier advice her to divorce her spouse and also told Diahann would ditch his current wife for the sake of her.  

Sidney Poitier

While she went to divorce her spouse, however, Poitier did not keep the end of his deal. Finally, Sidney went to get divorced from his wife,  Juanita Hardy. As per him, their relationship dissolved because he wanted to stay with  Carroll for nearly six months. 

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