Juliana Spicoluk is a social media personality from Russia. Her present age is 32 years, as she was born in 1990. She has made a name for herself on the internet because of her channel on YouTube titled "Boho Beautiful. Mark Spicoluk, her husband, is integral to the business's day-to-day operations. 

Throughout its existence, the Boho Beautiful brand has amassed substantial success in the lifestyle and fitness industries. The topics of travel, yoga, and consciousness are some of the content Juliana covers in her videos.

Juliana Spicoluk Age

Internet celebrity Spicoluk has amassed a considerable fan base primarily due to the endearing nature of her online persona. She has been the most successful competitor in the industry because of Juliana's passion for working out and eating well. Moreover. It appears that Juliana is enthusiastic about dance as well as acting.

What Is Juliana Spicoluk Age? 

Juliana's birthday is May 16th, 1990, which means she is now 32 years old. The athlete was Juliana Semenova Spicoluk, born in Siberia, Russia, although she spent her childhood in Ukraine. When she was a little child, she moved to Canada with her family, including her parents and brothers. 

The internet does not provide any other details on her family, including her parents and siblings. The Actress' kind and upbeat demeanor give the impression that she has had a good education. She celebrates her birthday on May 16th each year with her friends and family. 

Juliana Spicoluk Age

When she was ten years old, she moved to Canada with her family after they had been living in the United States. Because they hoped that moving to Canada would provide a better standard of living for themselves and their children, her parents uprooted their family and made the journey north.

Is Juliana Interested In Yoga And Gymnastics From Early Age

Her move to Canada started on a positive note when she showed promise in gymnastics. By the time she was a teenager, she had already achieved the status of a world-class athlete required to compete at the Olympic level. This accomplishment gave her the self-assurance to realize that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to.

Juliana Spicoluk Age

Following her achievements when she was still a teenager, her interest in yoga, Pilates, and overall fitness and well-being evolved into a full-blown love for Juliana for many years. She likely decided to proceed in this direction because she was anxious to recuperate from the injuries that the 32-year-old had sustained throughout the many games and sporting activities in which she participated.

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