Lyzel Williams is a graphic artist from the United States who works for Intermedia, Inc. Lyzel is also a DJ and is better known as DJ Williams. Nonetheless, he rose to prominence following his marriage with ex-wife Jill Scott. Jill Scott is a renowned American singer and songwriter. But we are not discussing today Jill or their love relationship. That is the topic for another today. So instead, our focus is more on Lyzel Williams Net Worth. The following article will explore the financial sector of Lyzel Williams.

Know More about the life of : Lyzel Williams

Unfortunately, there is very little info available regarding Lyzel Williams early life. His exact date of birth is still a mystery. However, based on his look and acknowledging her ex-wife Jill Scoot age (50 years), Williams should be around the late forties or early fifties. Besides, he is of African origin and holds American nationality.

Lyzel Williams Net Worth

How much is Lyzel Williams Net Worth?

Lyzel Williams is from a technical and art background. And Williams prefers to live a private life; as a result, there have not been adequate details found on the internet about him. The same goes for his earnings and assets too. He has not revealed his salary and net worth to the public.

However, extracting and analyzing what he does, Lyzel Williams is estimated to have a net worth of around $1 million. Similarly, his yearly income is around $40K - $50K. It is a handsome amount for an individual to live a luxurious life.

Lyzel Williams Net Worth

What does Lyzel Williams do for a living?

Lyzel is a professional visual artist and craftsman who has worked in big tech companies such as Philadelphia Tribune. At present, he has contracted with Intermedia Interactive Software to work as a graphic designer. Moreover, Williams has also flexed his career in the music sector as a DJ.

If you're wondering how Lyzel got to be so talented in arts and music, you have to look no further. It is in his gene. Both his parents were craftsmen. His father was an electronic engineer, very much in love with gadgets and her mother was a dress originator.

Lyzel Williams Net Worth

What is Lyzel Williams's ex-wife Jill Scott Net Worth?

The popular singer, songwriter, actress, and model Jill Scott has an estimated net worth of $12 million. She has accumulated this enormous fortune through her acting and singing profession. In addition, she has appeared in various movies and tv shows like Why Did I Get Married? (2007), Love Beats Rhymes (2017), Black Lightning (2018), and more.

Furthermore, Jill Scott is also a music artist and songwriter, having albums and single singles to her credit. Some of her albums are The Light of the SunSo Gone (What My Mind Says), etc. JIll was married to Lyzel Williams, his long-term partner in Hawaii, in 2001, but after six years, in 2007, they had it coming. 

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