The famous bassist Nikki Monninger height is a very hot topic for many fans out there because she looks taller than her husband. The height of artists is a very hot topic to many audiences and Nikki is a very hot topic because she is a female bassist and has a very high male fanbase. She is Silversun Pickups' lone female band member.

The Silversun Pickups, an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, was founded in 2000 along with others. They currently have five albums to their name. They are well known for songs like Bloody Mary, Panic Switch, Lazy Eye, and Well Thought Out Wrinkles. A few of their tracks have appeared in movies.

She has consistently played the guitar and is arguably one of the best bassists. Her guitar playing has a distinct style that gives credibility to the songs by Silversun Pickups. With an anchoring role, she has been the band's powerhouse. To learn this bassist's height, read the article.

Nikki Monninger Height

Is Nikki Taller Than Her Husband?

In many of the images that are circulated in the media, Monninger seems to be a little taller than her husband. However, we lack sufficient data to back up this claim. This is because, despite the fact that Nikki and her spouse have been married for a very long time, she maintains a very private existence and has never disclosed to the public her husband's name. They seem to be a happy couple though.

Nikki Monninger Height

Despite her hectic schedule and several musical tours, her family has always been there to support her and hold the pieces together. Her spouse looks after their daughters and stays at home. They share a lovely twin and were very happy while expecting them. In one of her interviews, she revealed that anytime she travels far away from her girls, she sends them postcards.

What is Nikki Monninger Height?

Nikki Monninger is 175 cm (5 feet 9 inches) tall and has a lean physique. She is 62 kg in weight.  Furthermore, her actual body measurement is still unknown. Apart from this, she always prefers morning or evening workouts at the gym and sticks to the diet recommended by the instructor.

She also has long, smooth, and flowing, black hair. She has beautiful pair of blue eyes. Other information about her physique, though, has not been made public.

Nikki Monninger Height

We don't know a lot about her appearance because she chooses to live a secluded life free from the prying eyes of the media. She doesn't post on social media very frequently. Additionally, when questioned personally by the media, she avoids it.

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