It is always interesting to know about the Celebrity age. Today in this gossip we will discuss the topic of Shein Mompremier age. She is a half-Haitian and half-American actress and model. Shein grew up in Miami, Florida, where she was born. Many of her fans are desperate to know about her age and birthdate so that they can wish her on her birthday. 

However, the Black Lightning actress is seclusive in nature. As a result, she avoids the spotlight and barely shares her personal details with media outlets. Shein is a reserved individual who dislikes social contact a lot. She is more famous for her outstanding role as Chenoa in Fox's Black Lightning. Moreover, Shein starred as Paula in her latest filmography Sony's Heart of a Lion, releasing next year in 2023.

Shein Mompremier Age

What Is Shein Mompremier Age?

Shein Mompremier was born in Miami, Florida, United States, in 1986, making her 36 years old in 2022. But she has never even revealed her birthdate because she is such a reserved person. Therefore, her birthdate, zodiac sign, etc., remain a mystery.

She was raised by her parents, who came from Haiti as refugees and settled in Florida. Both of her parents were from a respected work line. Shein's mother was a teacher, while her father served as a pastor. Thus, she learned the great value of life and its meaning at a very early age.

Shein Mompremier Age

Shein was born in the United States but is of Haitian descent. Despite being a citizen of two countries, she wants to be referred to be a Haitian rather than an American. Unfortunately, the Ludi star has not given any further insights about her parents and family. 

Without interference or hassle from others like fanatics or critics, she chooses to live her life quietly in a much calmer manner. The only thing matters to her are the goal she dreamed of becoming a successful actress.

When Does Shein Celebrate Her Birthday?

Shein Mompremier has yet to disclose when she celebrates her birthday. She has still kept that information to herself. Only her parents, husband and some of his close friends are aware of her birthday, and she only celebrates the special day with him in a secret and private ceremony.

Shein Mompremier Age

None of her Instagram posts has any hints of when her birthday might be. However, in January 2020, Shein uploaded pictures with her husband on their engagement day. 

She studied psychological sciences at the University of Florida and graduated. She came to New York after receiving her degree to pursue acting and filmmaking training while simultaneously working as a model in Miami. Shein relocated to Los Angeles, California, from her current home in Miami with her spouse.

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