Sophia Hammons is a young, wannabe American-born teen actress who has won the hearts of millions of followers with her captivating acting abilities. She played in Disney's remake of Under Wraps, but many viewers noticed she looked very young, and thus they are interested to learn about Sophia Hammons age in real.

Despite being fresh to the entertainment business, she has already received a strong response from the general public because of her distinctive film presence. In 2018, with the television short drama Dirt, in which she played the character of Winnie Tiller, she formally commenced her acting career in the movie industry. In addition, she wowed reviewers and fans with her outstanding performance as Iris in the short humor film Lemonade.

Sophia Hammons Age

What Is Sophia Hammons Age in 2022?

Television actress Sophia Hammons was born in South Pasadena, Los Angeles, California. Her born date was November 16, 2006, and her present age is 15 years. Hammons will soon turn 16 a few months later in November. As a result, we can say she is still a teen. Besides this, as a lowkey, she does not celebrate her birthday grandly but rather in a small celebration with her family.

On the other hand, she shares her birthday with a famous American comedian and actor, Pete Davidson. He is 28 years old. Davidson is renowned for his stand-up comedies, appearances on Saturday Night Live, and a few movies.

Sophia Hammons Age

Hammons was fond of acting and entertainment from an early age. In addition to joining Denver Center for the Performing Arts, she took an acting course at the Su Coffey. At Tara Cluck Dance Center, Sophia also received hip-hop and dance instruction. Additionally, Hammons has appeared as Ariel on the Disney Channel, where she performs and sings a lively modern rendition of the well-known song Part of Your World. Moreover, she is renowned for her acting role in the series The Social Dilemma as Isla.

Who Are Sophia Hammons Parents?

Sophia Hammon's parents were both actors playing in some small theatre movies and plays. But she has not shared any details regarding their identity. Moreover, on social media, Hammons hardly ever mentions her parents. She hasn't posted anything on her Instagram in the years since about her parents' details.

Sophia Hammons Age

The 15-year-old teen actress enjoys hiding personal information about her family from view. She could be of white American ethnic background based on her physical characteristics; therefore, let's move on to her ethnicity. Her ethnicity was never made explicit in the media, though.

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On the other hand, her particular affinity with her parents is difficult to dispute. Even though she may be in love with them, she may not want to put them on display for everyone to see.

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