The shock wave of the divorce between Shakira and Pique has put their fans into aww. We will discuss this further in the article. Meanwhile, our primary topic today is Shakira's father, William Mebarak Chadid nationality. As you know, Shakira is a Columbian singer, but is her father Columbian too? Where was he born? The following article revolves around the periphery of the above-mentioned questionnaire.

Know More about the life of Shakira's Dad : William Mebarak Chadid

The break-up news of singer Shakira and footballer Gerard Pique is rumbling all over the internet. The pair were listed as the World's Most Powerful Couple by Forbes and are parents of two beautiful children. However, after almost 12 years of marriage, Pique and Shakira announced their separation recently. As per her statement, Pique was found cheating on her and divorce was the final choice for the sake of their children.

william mebarak chadid nationality

What is William Mebarak Chadid Nationality? 

William Mebarak Chadid, the celebrity father of famous Columbian singer Shakira, was born on the 6th of September 1932. He will be 90 years old in September. But he still looks very energetic and lively for a man who will be turning 90 this year.

William was born in New York, the United States, into a well-to-do family. His parents are Alberto Mebarak Spath (father) and Isabel Chadid Baizer (mother). However, when William was very young, the family was relocated to Barranquilla, a city in Columbia. He was raised in Barranquilla and, to this day, he still lives there. Meanwhile, William holds dual nationality. William has both Columbian and American nationalities because he was born in the United States.

william mebarak chadid nationality

Besides, his ethnicity is Columbian and his ancestry links back to Lebanon. Reports say that William's father, Alberto, was born in Lebanon and later moved to America, get married and settle there. When William was five, the Lebanese family migrated to Barranquilla and expanded their lives there. Shakira was later born in Barranquilla to William and Nidia Ripoll Torrado. 

What is William Mebarak Chadid profession?

William Chadid has a very simple and normal life. He was very enthusiastic about writing and telling stories. So he decided to make it a profession. William is a professional author and writer from Columbia. Furthermore, he has not limited himself to just writing but has enhanced other skillsets as well. William is also a successful businessman.

william mebarak chadid nationality

Besides, he has also worked as an insurance agent at some point in his life, did journalism, served as a health worker, and worked as a literature teacher. But out of all his works, he is most remembered as an author and as the celeb-dad of Shakira. In addition, William has also written a biography-like book about Shakira.

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