Ken Hakuta and Marilou Cantiller are a famous Japanese-American celebrity couple who have been in a marital relationship for eternity. And unlike their son Justin Hakuta who recently had divorced comedian and actress Ali Wong, Ken and Marilou have been married for more than four decades.

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We already did our session on Justin Hakuta and Ali Wong relationship and their divorce. In today's topic, we will be addressing their parent's love life and how they can maintain such a long-lasting relationship. So, let's get straight into their blissful married life without going here and there. 

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Ken Hakuta, aka Dr. Fad, is a reputed Japanese television personality and inventor born in South Korea. The business-minded popular entrepreneur, Ken, was born in 1951 in Seoul. He is around 70 years old. Ken is very famous among Japanese kids because of his hit Tv show, The Dr. Fad Show. It was a science invention show for children, for which Ken was the host. Later, people gave him the stage name Dr. Fad as respect.

When did Ken Hakuta and Marilou Cantiller marry? 

Ken Hakuta was married to his forever girlfriend, Marilou Cantiller, in the year 1977. Unfortunately, we have no further details regarding their relationship prior to their marriage. However, several reports claim that they have been dating before their wedding for quite a long time. In that regard, Ken and Marilou are somehow in a love entanglement for almost 50 years now.

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It is a huge milestone, mostly among today's generation, where the value of marriage and the holy relation has declined over the years. A married couple seems to find easy to divorce than to settle the differences. However, in some cases, divorce could be the better decision, but again it is all about how deep the bond each other's is.

How many kids do they have?

Ken, also called Paik Kun in Korean, and a former bank employee, Marilou Cantiller, had the fortune to be parents thrice. Although the couple is pretty much secretive about their private life and prefers not to engulf in media and its tributaries, we are known that they have three children. The elder one is Justin Hakuta. The second one is a daughter Aki Hakuta, and Kenzo is the last one.

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What happened to Justin Hakuta and Ali Wong relationship?

Justin Hakuta and Ali Wong ended their eight years of marriage life just a week ago. On November 27, 2014, the couple was married after dating for four years. However, Justin, a Japanese millionaire entrepreneur, and an American-Asian comedian Ali Wong has not yet disclosed their spilled's ultimate factor.

Besides, Wong has been addressing her husband Ken and their marriage comically in her shows. Therefore, we can acknowledge that there has been growing tension between the two which eventually led them to separate ways.

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