Naomi Battrick is an undeniably attractive English Actress; who has incremented her popularity in the entertainment industry through her hard work in movies and TV series like  A very English scandal, Lost in London LIVE, Counting Backward, My almost famous family, etc. Along the way to becoming an actress, many of her fan followers are curious to know or have questions about Naomi Battrick Parents, Height, and more.

Naomi recently grabbed the spotlight for working in His Dark Materials and The Serpent Queen, big hits in 2022. There are many online rumours that her father abandoned her family and that her mother raised her and her sister alone. Fans have been researching her a lot recently and want to know a lot about her. Stick to this article to learn more about her early life and her parents.

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Naomi Battrick Parents

Who Are Naomi Battrick Parents?

Naomi brought happiness to her parents eyes for the first time on April 11, 1991, in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England. She is 31 years of age as of now. Having an average height of  5 ft 8 inches, Naomi grew up and was raised with her lovely sister Allie. Besides this, Naomi’s mother’s name is Penelope Cole, and she is active on Instagram. Her Instagram is private, though. Naomi mentions her mother in interviews and always shows her gratitude toward her.

Naomi Battrick Parents

Her father is unknown to the internet, and Naomi does not talk about her father often. In addition, there are many rumours that her father abandoned the whole family and is not yet divorced from Penelope. Many sources claim that he has not been very helpful with parenting stuff and is rarely available to Allie and Naomi. Fans are still not sure about this news.

Are Rumors About Naomi Father True?

Fans have been researching why the information about Naomi’s father is unavailable. The rumours on the internet are making this issue more interesting. News about her father abandoning the family may or maybe not be just rumours. There is no concrete evidence supporting this matter. The media is still trying to figure out where her father is now and if he has cut off his own family.

Naomi Battrick Parents

The media frequently tries to dig information out of Naomi and her sister. But they remain silent whenever the media asks questions. She never tries to share details about her early years, and information about them is not available online either. Naomi looks like a private person who dislikes sharing her personal information. The media needs to do a lot of homework to find out about this. Therefore, the media does not know about Naomi’s father.

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