Abraham Benrubi wife has been a hot topic for many people recently. He grabbed the limelight after working in the 2022 film Christmas Bloody Christmas. He played the role of Santa in the movie and did a very good job, and it got all the hype because it was released during the Christmas season. Fans really loved the movie; it was nominated once soon after its release.

He has done a wonderful job in films like Team Unicorn, Pair of Kings, A Country Christmas, etc. Abraham is also very famous for working as Darth Varder in the film series Star Wars. He played as secret husband of Natalie Portman, who played Padmé Amidala. After this, Portman and Benrubi are rumored to be dating. Fans really want to know if these two are seeing each other. Stick to this article to learn more about Abraham Benrubi wife.

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Abraham Benrubi Wife

Is Abraham in a Relationship with Natalie?

Abraham is not in a relationship with Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman. It is just Rumors. These two are not seeing with each other in real life. The romantic relationship between these is limited to the screen. Besides, they are very good friends and are seen having so much fun in the cast. Fans really wanted to see them together. Therefore, news about these two seeing each other is just a rumor and not true.

Abraham Benrubi Wife

Both of these famous celebrities have their own life and partner. Natalie is married to Benjamin Millepied, and they celebrated ten years of their marriage in August. Benjamin is famous for directing movies like time doesn’t stand still, closer, carmen, etc. Even though fans ship them very much, Abraham and Natalie are together on the screen only. We will talk about Abraham’s partner below.

Who Is Abraham Benrubi Wife?

Abraham is a happily married man. He tied the knot with Christina Ferreira. In September 2022, Christina and Abraham marked their third wedding anniversary. Despite having a 13-year, 1-month, and 18-day age difference, Abraham and Christina are still happy. Abraham shared a cute picture of their wedding on Christina’s birthday, September 22.

Abraham Benrubi Wife

This couple is seen living a very lavish life together, traveling around the globe. Fans love this couple very much. Together they make a lot of money and have a very luxurious house. Reportedly he has no kids and no controversies about his married life. He has saved himself from all the rumors and shows his love towards his wife in the media and while facing interviews. 

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