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Lauren Ridloff is a total inspiration to all people who are handicapped. Similarly, Lauren Ridloff husband Douglas Ridloff is an inspiration as he too is a deaf man and together the husband and wife alongside her children are enjoying a harmonious, idealistic, and noteworthy life in spite of their physical setbacks.

Lauren will play Marvel's first deaf superhero in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie "The Eternals" which will release early November 2021. We all know about her outstanding acting performances, but let’s take a pause and reflect on some details about Lauren Ridloff husband, Douglas Ridloff......

Lauren Ridloff

Who is Lauren Ridloff Husband Douglas Ridloff?

Lauren Ridloff husband Douglas Ridloff is an accomplished poet and visual storyteller who is best known for her original works in American Sign Language. Douglas Ridloff's goal is to make the language to be integrated into the whole community, not just a part of a small community. 

Likewise, Lauren Ridloff's husband Douglas Ridloff is also the executive director, founder as well as a host of ASL SLAM. ASL SLAM is established as a monthly event held in Washington DC, Chicago, and Orlando. 

His Relationship With Lauren Ridloff and their Children

After Lauren Ridloff was announced to be Miss Deaf America, the actress shifted her base to New York and met Douglas Ridloff. The pair shared great a bond and later form a lovely relationship. So, the couple took their relationship to the next level and later got married. They even narrated their beautiful first date in an interview with Theater Mania 

Furthermore, Lauren Ridloff's husband Douglas Ridloff is a proud father. With Lauren, the duo is also blessed with two kids, Wyatt and Levi. Douglas Ridloff is a dedicated father to his two children and has even mentioned that his kids are the best thing that could ever happen to him.

Lauren Ridloff

In addition, Lauren Ridloff's husband Douglas loves to post several interesting pictures and acts intelligently in his shows so that he inspires the deaf community. Douglas Ridloff is also fond of traveling and posted pictures of him and his beloved wife traveling to romantic places. In conclusion, Douglas Ridloff is a guy that inspires and motivates people with his awesome sign poetry. 


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