Simona Tabasco Boyfriend is a very hot topic for many audiences out there after she stole the limelight with her recent work on DOC - Nelle Tue Mani as Elisa Russo. Simona has been rumored to be dating Luca Argentero, a cast member from the same series. It is an ongoing series, and they have so much fun together on the set. There are rumors about Luca having a very serious obsession with Simona. 

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Sources claim that Luca and Simona are secretly married to each other and even have a child together. She is rumored to have hidden her pregnancy from the media. Audiences have many questions about Simona’s personal life, especially about her partner. Various rumors are surrounding her at the current time as she is in the limelight. Stick to this article to discover whether the rumors about her partner being Luca are true.

simona tabasco boyfriend

Are the rumors about Simona Tabasco dating Luca Argentero True?

The news about Simona and Luca dating is false and is just a rumor. Luca and Simona are very good friends in their cast on DOC - Nelle Tue Mani and don’t have any other relationship except for this. The rumors about them having a family together is also not true. Also, Simona has not given birth to a child yet and has no
plans for it anytime soon. 

Simona is hence seen with another co-actor, and people have many assumptions about that too. She is surrounded by many controversies and has difficulty surviving the media. The media has constantly been trying to dig up information about her but has failed. Simona successfully keeps her personal information a secret even when she has the limelight. Currently, she has the limelight for bringing the heat to The White Lotus’s second season.

simona tabasco boyfriend

Who Is Simona Tabasco Boyfriend?

Pictures uploaded on the internet suggest that Simona Tabasco boyfriend is Alberto Malanchino. But there is no concrete proof that Alberto Malanchino is Simona Tabasco's lover. Simona Tabasco and Alberto are frequently spotted together and are seen
holding each other’s hands. They get along quite well and are frequently pictured together in social media posts. Their chemistry is very well seen in the very few photos available on the internet.

simona tabasco boyfriend

Simona values her privacy very much and subtly avoids the media when anything personal comes up. Likewise, Alberto also tries not to keep himself in the limelight. Hence, there are no official statements claiming that these two are dating or are married to each other.

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