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Do you enjoy surfing? Have you ever done surfing? If your answer is yes, you might be quite familiar with the name Kelly Slater, a heavyweight surfer. Kelly, her father, is regarded as one of the best professional surfers of all time, having won the World Surf League Championships 11 times. But first, we will be learning more about Taylor Slater's Mother in today's article.

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Taylor's father, Kelly, is a very popular American sportsman and probably is known by many people. But what about Tayler's mother? Do you know Who is Taylor Slater's Mom? And how the mother-daughter relationship is today? Many children do not have a good relationship with their parents these days. Is Tayler on good terms with her mother? Let's find out.

Taylor Slater Mother

Who is Taylor Slater Mother? 

Coming to her parents, Taylor Slater was born to Kelly Slater (father) and Tamara Michelle (mother). Being the one and only child of Kelly and Tamara, Tayler has got all the love and attention she needs. As a celebrity daughter, the media keeps a tab on everything she does and her likes. 

Likewise, Taylor Slater Tamara has also been bundled several times by the media, but she has not shared any details about her life and career. However, it is strange that Taylor's parents were never married, only engaged. Both of them have found new companions in their lives now. Kelly Slater, her father, is dating Kalani Miller, the co-founder of MIKOH. Meanwhile, Tamara, who has not uttered a word since their breakup, is engaged to Mike Sweeney, as per some reports.

Taylor Slater Mother

But needless to say, Tayler has maintained a healthy relationship with both of her parents. The 25-year-old pro artist is a big fan of his father Kelly and companies him in every other competition.

Who is Kelly Slater's Daughter?

Now moving on to Kelly Slater's Daughter's professional life, Tayler is a renowned artist. She started as an Instagram art lover at first but soon established her career in arts. Nature is a frequent source of inspiration for her artworks. Taylor also has a gallery in Southern Florida. 808 Studios is the name of her art gallery. Furthermore, she has a professional skater boyfriend, Sam Kelleher. They have been in a love relationship since 2019.

Taylor Slater Mother

When was Taylor Slater Born?

Taylor Slater marked her existence on June 6, 1996. She was born in Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA. Taylor will be turning 26 years old this June. She was born and raised in her father's hometown of Florida while also living in Hawaii and Australia on numerous occasions. Thus, Tayler also considers Hawaii's Oahu to be her second home.

Likewise, her sun sign is Gemini, and she belongs to the white ethnic race. Also, Tayler is a Christian devotee and holds American nationality. Furthermore, she is the only child of her parents. Her grandfather Stephen Slater managed a bait and trap business, whereas her grandmother Judy Moriarity Slater was a firefighter and medical technician.

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