IMG Model Ashley Graham and Justing Ervin are expecting their fourth child in two years, which is incredible and nerve-wracking for mother Graham, who gave birth to a twin baby early this year in January. 

This week, Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin commemorated their 12 year anniversary, and she took the occasion to share some exciting news: they are expecting a child. She posted a picture of her kissing Justin with " happy anniversary baby" written below the image.

Ashley Graham and Justing Ervin

Graham discussed what she has gained since becoming a mother in a February interview with E! News Daily Pop, noting that she has learned a lot about humility, about altruistic being a parent and how she does not need that much space to function during the day.

Ashley Graham and Justing Ervin are Expecting Baby Number 4!

It is Ashley Graham's third pregnancy in two years. In August 2019, the couple revealed Graham's first pregnancy and how excited they were to have their first baby. The baby boy Isaac Ervin was born on January 18, 2020.

Two years later, after a twin birth in January 2022, Graham and Ervin announced that she was pregnant for the third time with him and soon expecting another child. Ervin puts his hand on her stomach before the pair kiss in a video that Graham posted on Instagram to announce the good news. She described their first child's impending arrival in the caption.

Ashley Graham and Justing Ervin

While observing Isaac's first birthday in January, Graham previously talked openly about her experiences as a mother. She provided viewers a month-by-month summary of her first year with her baby in a YouTube video, sharing her delight over the entire year. Now she is a proud mother of four. Throughout her pregnancies, Graham kept her admirers informed, sharing everything from her care plan and desires to the prideful exhibition of her stretch marks.

Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin Married In 2010

Having been married since 2010 for 12 years, the pair recently celebrated their anniversary. According to reports, Graham and videographer Ervin encountered a chapel in New York City. On social media, they frequently shared peeks of their married lives, and Graham has discussed how romantically they proposed in interviews. 

Ashley Graham and Justing Ervin

She revealed to BAZAAR Bride that they were producing "The Justin and Ashley Show," a web sitcom, on their Brooklyn stoop throughout their first year of dating. In one of the episodes, Ervin presented her with a ring and proposed marriage. During an interview with CBS in 2017, Graham said that her family was in "shock", because of his race when she revealed her relationship with Ervin to them.

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