Lela Ceterova is a well-known name raised to fame because of her husband, Karlos Vemola. If you are into martial arts and similar sports, you might know Karlos as a famous Czech mixed martial artist. If you know about Karlos, you might certainly know about his wife, Lela Ceterova.

Besides being famous as Vemola's wife, Lela is also a famous model and playmate. Furthermore, we can also see her photos in Playboy magazine as she is one of the famous models from Slovakia. The model took her first pictures for Playboy magazine in 2013.

Lela Ceterova

What is Lela Ceterova Age?

Lela Ceterova was born on June 4, 1989, so, her current age is 34 years. Besides, her birthplace is Zilina, Slovakia, but currently, she resides in the Czech with her husband. Besides, the model is currently known as Lela Vermola instead of Lela Ceterova, as Vemola is her husband's surname.

Moreover, the model changed her name from Lenka Ceterova to Lela Ceterova. Other than that, she has not mentioned much about her personal life and family until now.

How was Lela Ceterova in her Young Age?

Lela was interested in becoming a professional model from an early age. However, Karlos's wife has revealed that her classmates taunted her because of her underdeveloped breasts while she was young.

This influenced her to modify her body parts and her thought of becoming a model got stronger than ever. As a result, she started her modeling career at 13 years of age. Since then, Lela has not looked behind as she has become a very successful model.

Lela Ceterova

How was Lela Ceterova without Plastic Surgery?

Lela was just an ordinary-looking girl before she underwent surgery. Besides, as mentioned above, she also had underdeveloped body parts. This was probably one of the major reasons why Ceterova underwent surgery. However, as time went by, she also modified her lips and nose. Nevertheless, Lela didn't undergo surgeries just for beauty reasons. She had surgery because of health reasons as well. Moreover, we also know that she had one unsuccessful nose surgery leading her to have two nose surgeries.

Lela Ceterova

Who is Lela Ceterova Husband?

Lela Ceterova has been married to Karlos Vemola since 2022. Karlos is a Czech mixed martial artist, former bodybuilder, wrestler, and also a member of Sokol. He left his country and moved to England to pursue his career as a bodybuilder and also worked as a bouncer in Tottenham. He got the opportunity to become an MMA fighter after throwing two MMA fighters out of the nightclub where he worked as a bouncer.

After that, his career as a professional fighter started and he never had to look back at all. Currently, the martial artist has become so famous that he has even gained international fans.


What is Lela Height?

Being a professional model, Lela certainly has maintained herself very well. She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches. However, her body weight remains away from the limelight of the internet and the media.

Other than that, she has also not revealed any of her body measurements but we can say that her appearance is very charming and eye-catching. Moreover, the model has a beautiful pair of brown eyes, and her hair color is blonde.

What is Lela Ceterova Net Worth?

Lela has certainly earned a lot throughout her career as a professional model but her actual net worth remains unrevealed. However, we can assume that Lela has earned a total fortune of over $1.5 million. As for her social media posts (especially Instagram), she seems to be living a lavish lifestyle and spending perfect life with her husband.

Is Lela Available on Instagram?

 Being a model and influencer, Lela is active on Instagram. Her fans can follow her on Instagram where she is active as @lela_ceterova_official. Besides, the model's Instagram has more than 360 thousand followers with 1498 posts.

Lela shares her photos and videos of undergoing surgeries. Furthermore, we can also see that Lela loves her daughter a lot and keeps sharing her photos on her Instagram posts.

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