One of the proficient American actor Justin Melnick is well-known for playing the role of Special Combat Operator Brock Reynolds on the CBS television series Seal Team. Let's learn about Justin Melnick married life and his family.

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Born on October 5, 1980, the 41-year-old started late in the showbiz world, making his career debut as an actor only in 2017 at 37. He initiated with a bang performance in the TV series Seal Team. Melnick held down freelance jobs as a war lensman and even held down a career as a businessman before settling foot into the TV industry.

Justin Melnick Married

Who is Justin Melnick married to?

Justin Melnick is a married person. He is happily married to a stunning American model and actress, Whitney Able, on September 9, 2020. They were married in California in an unsophisticated ceremony with very few guests. They have been married for almost two years now. 

Melnick became a parent for the first time on April 3, 2021, although Whitney already has two children from a previous marriage. He also treats his stepchildren as though they were his biological children. He usually uploads pictures of his family and children on his Instagram with heartfelt captions. "That moment mom has the perfect family picture set up" in April 2022, Justin shared a photo of himself, his wife, and their three kids. They enjoyed spending time with their two pets very much.

Justin Melnick Married

Who is Justin Melnick Wife Whitney Nees Able?

Whitney Nees Able was born in Houston, Texas, on June 2, 1982. She has two brothers and is the sole daughter of her parents. She attended St. Andrew's Sewanee School in Franklin County to complete her education. Whitney has lived in Mexico and Spain and is strongly interested in Spanish.

Actress and model Whitney Able Melnick hails from the United States. She is most acknowledged for her work in movies like Ava's Possessions, and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. Since 2005, Whitney has been working in the entertainment sector. She has made prominent TV appearances on shows like CSI: NY, Godless, Criminal Minds, etc. Whitney has also appeared alongside her then-boyfriend and now husband Justin Melnick as co-stars in Monsters.

Justin Melnick Married

Whitney Able First Marriage With Scoot McNairy

Whitney Able was previously married to actor and producer Scoot McNairy. The two began dating in 2009 and starred in a movie called Monsters together right before their wedding in June 2010. Furthermore, according to scoopers, the couple had two children, but no information about them has appeared online.

After nine years of marriage, the 40-year-old actress announced her divorce from Scoot on Instagram in November 2019. Their breakup's precise cause is still a mystery. However, Able and Scoot cooperate to raise their children together. Justin Melnick, on the other hand, is unopposed by their decision.0

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