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If you're a fan of the latest futuristic cars, you might have seen videos on social media of a woman showcasing different brands of unrealistic and fantastic automobiles. Her name is Alexandra Mary Hirschi, an Australian social media personality famous for automotive advertising brands like Mercedez Benz, Ferrari, Bugatti, etc. Alexandra's husband is Nik Hirschi, a business entrepreneur, and a former bank employee.

You have heard a quote, "Behind every successful man, there is a woman," but the case is the complete opposite here. Nik manages and orchestrates everything behind the camera and makes sure everything is perfect. The Hirschi couple made a fortune through this. Please scroll down to know Nik Hirschi net worth.

Nik Hirschi

What is Nik Hirschi Net Worth??

Nik Hirschi started his career as a banking associate and had the chance to travel to different countries for business purposes. After quitting his job, he moved to Dubai with his wife, Alexa, and started a youtube channel that goes ubiquitously by Supercar Blondie. This changed everything, and the track got bigger and bigger. Right now, it has massive 7.39 million subscribers. 

Alexandra had offers from big brands like Mercedez Benz Ferrari, asking for her signature to advertise their brands. She travels to many countries and presents different cool and futuristic cars. But, the man behind this, the brilliant business mind, is Nik Hirschi, who manages the channel. Nik Hirschi net worth is approximately $2 million, and his salary is around $50 thousand. His primary source of earnings is real estate, brand advertisement, and paid promotions through social media platforms.

Nik Hirschi

Where is Nik Hirschi Living Now?

Nik Hirschi now lives a lavishing life in Dubai with his beautiful wife. The couple was happily married in 2003, and they have been supporting each other since then. So it comes as no surprise Nik owns a kickass car. Moreover, last year on Valentine's day, Nik gifted an exclusive  Ferrari 488 Spider for her "Supercar Blondie" wife, Alexandra, another addition to her supercar assets. It is priced at $470,000.

Alex Hirschi

Besides, Alexandra has a net worth of a whopping $7 million, which she earned from brand advertisements and social media. Her videos get a million views and like across all social media. In addition, she makes roughly over a million dollars per year and owns various luxury cars such as Mitsubishi Lancer, Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge, and so on. 

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